I’m still recovering from the week of Program By Design, followed immediately with RacketCon. My feet are meant for walking, not standing.

The weekend was fun, though. I got to show that Whalesong, my Racket to JavaScript compiler, is starting to do interesting things. Although I didn’t tell anyone explicitly, I was dogfooding Whalesong: my entire slideshow was itself a World program that I had compiled with Whalesong itself.

Unfortunately, I was so nervous during the beginning of the talk, that I rushed my example about a slideshow being itself a world program into incoherence. I’ll have to watch myself when the videos come out, grimace, and hope to do better next time. I think folks got a kick out of the JQuery example.

Other items to note:

  • The second day unfortunately suffered from a lack of air conditioning.
  • Jay McCarthy showed a kick-butt example of game programs written with World. My ears are still ringing with the thump of the video game music.
  • Marco Morazan showed how to teach A* to first-year undergrads. Awesome.
  • Matthew Flatt talked about the history and future of Racket. He brought his magic 8-ball with him.

Ok, better get back to work and get Whalesong ready…

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