starting with dtrace

Notes about setting up dtrace user on a Solaris 10 system: by default, it appears that normal users don’t have enough privileges to access dtrace. These privileges are:

* dtrace_user

* dtrace_proc

* dtrace_kernel

and these are described in the privileges(5) man page.

So how do we add these privileges to a user account? According to, it’s a matter of editing /etc/user_attr with a set of default privileges.

One hacker’s treasure is another hacker’s junk

Sun’s patch 120289 recently change gnome-terminal’s behavior on page up and page down keys. Some people are very happy about this:

Unfortunately, I’m not. *grin*

I do understand why the change was made — usability matters! — but for me, the existing behavior was perfectly usable and right: I want those keys to be sent to the terminal. I use those keys all the time in pine, and they don’t work anymore.

I’m now trying to figure out how to work with gconf-editor to preserve the old behavior but haven’t figured out where things need to change yet. Oh well.